[PyKDE] Licensing questions

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 6 04:47:07 GMT 2007

If one wants to build an application that uses pykde, there seem to be 
three different licenses that need to be considered;

1) The pykde license.
2) The kde license.
3) The Qt license.

Is it possible to get some idea of how each license might apply if I 
were to write a commercial application using pykde? For example, I 
wouldn't be programming using Qt at all (just using it through pykde/kde 
interfaces), so I don't know if a license for that would be necessary. I 
have seen the various licenses, but I find that 'real-world' examples 
clarify a great many things.

FWIW, I am _not_ one of the people who objects to paying for good 
software and good support. Just want to know what I might be getting in to.


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