[PyKDE] pykde newbie--several questions

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 4 20:12:21 GMT 2007

As a long-time Python user, I'm interested in the possibilities offered 
by Python access to something as powerful as KDE. It's been quite a few 
years since I've used Linux (currently using mostly OS X), so please 
forgive me if some of the questions below are naive.

1) My understanding is that KDE 4 will run on OS X and Windows. Will 
pykde also support those platforms, under KDE 4?
2) It appears that pykde can access the DOM inside an HTML window in a 
great deal of detail. Is it possible to write pykde scripts that create 
an HTML window, receive events from the window, and then update the DOM 
of the window 'live' so that the user sees their action reflected in the 
contents of the window? To put it more simply, is it possible to script 
applications that simply use the HTML DOM as the user interface?
3) When and if pykde/KDE 4 supports OS X and Windows, are there any 
guesses as to it will be possible to write apps that (pretty much) 
appear to be native apps to users?
4) Is pykde included with (or easily installable on) Kubuntu? That's the 
Linux version I'm looking at installing on my Intel Mac.

Many thanks,

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