[PyQt] PyQt4.3 and stackless python 2.5.1 working?

Michael Guntsche mike at it-loops.com
Tue Aug 28 23:08:34 BST 2007

Hi list,

I recently played around a little bit with stackless python and also  
wanted to try it together with PyQt to see how lightweight threading  
works. The problem is that it look like stackless and pyqt4 do not  
like each other very much.

from PyQt4 import QtCore

gives me a Bus error under Macosx. I searched on the internet but did  
not find anything but someone mentioning that PyQt might be binary  
incompatible with stackless python. So I downloaded the current  
stable sip and PyQt compiled it with stackless python but the bus  
error persists.
I am not sure if this is a pyqt or stackless problem so I am just  
asking if someone is using stackless+pyqt without any problems.

Kind regards,

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