[PyQt] KDE settings dialogs

Niklas Nilsson split at splitfeed.net
Tue Aug 14 20:36:04 BST 2007

I'm trying to get started making my first PyQT/PyKDE application, but 
I'm having some troubles figuring out how to create a settings dialog 
like for example the one Konqueror and a lot of other KDE applications 
have. I got as far as subclassing KConfigSkeleton, but get a message 
saying this:
    kdecore (KConfigDialogManager): WARNING: A widget named 
'kcfg_password' was found but there is no setting named 'password'

I dug around in the KDE API and figured out it probably had something to 
do with the settings dialog not being able to load my configuration, but 
other than that I'm pretty much stuck. Anyone have any examples, 
pointers or good sources for learning how to do this?

Niklas Nilsson
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