[PyKDE] Re: konsole

Russell Brown russell at lls.lls.com
Thu Oct 26 18:43:20 BST 2006

Quoth Reza Salari.....
>It seems to be an indentation error not a real syntax error. Check
>indentation. I attached my file which I tested it in Suse 10.1 and PyKDE
>Tell me if you are able to run that.

Argh!  Yup it was an indentation error.  The attached runs up nicely.
(thanks to Jim for also pointing this out).

Now...  does any one know it it's possible to 

a) intercept the data going to and from this konsolepart 
b) constrain and control the resizing of the window
c) tell the konsolepart what font to use

If the above are possible then my pyKDE enhanced konsole project is a

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