[PyKDE] Some questions

Reza Salari resal81 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 17:11:35 BST 2006

Thanks David for your replies to my all questions.

I will try more to go some way on my own and then ask more advanced questions :). The points you said were helpful and I am trying to build an model application of what I mean. I will try to refresh my C++ knowledge... . I think the main problem that I have is that my knowledge of KDE and its structure is very low... .

A suggestion for who that find answer for their questions in this mailing list; please after finding your answers put a explanation (or source) of the solved problem or link to such a material for beginners. I think in this way we (beginners) won`t ask questions that are somehow boring. I found that some people could finally solve their problems based on replies of experts in this forum but after that they didn`t say more about what they did .... .

Starting of PyQt/PyKDE application battle ... ;)

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