[PyKDE] Conceptual issue: How to talk to a "running" QtGui.QApplication?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Oct 11 10:20:19 BST 2006

On 11.10.06 09:15:34, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hello,
> As you may have notices, I'm really new to this and am perpetually confused ... my current confusion orbits around the following question:
> imagine a class that looks something like this:
> class App(QtGui.QApplication):
>     def __init__(self,args):
>       QtGui.QApplication.__init__(self, args)
>       self.maindialog = uic.loadUi("App.ui")
>       self._connectSlots()
>       self.maindialog.show()
>       self.exec_()
> and is being initialized like so:
> if __name__=="__main__":
>   App = App(sys.argv)
> <naive question>So how do you proceed with your program flow?</naive question> As I found out, any code below the initialization is only executeted after you quit the shown gui ... I had expected that one initializes the gui and is than able to 'connect' to it and modify the widgets as the program goes along ...

Please try to get a book on python and object oriented programming.

For starters create a Subclass from QMainWindow and your Ui form (this
should be explained in the PyQt docs) and implement all your slots
there. Then you probably want more classes to take over specific tasks
of the application (like document representation, handling redo/undo,


You are sick, twisted and perverted.  I like that in a person.

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