[PyKDE] PyQt package needs bumping

Dave S eric3 at pusspaws.net
Sat Oct 7 10:16:09 BST 2006

Hi all,

QT4.2.0 has been released and any trace of the QT4.1.4 has been removed - but 
the current PyQt binary package for windows relies on QT4.1.4

Having upgraded my XP binary to QT4.2.0 I have broken my PyQt binary.

Unfortunately I cannot find an old QT4.1.4...exe and not being a windows guy 
(Linux is my first language) I am stuck ... or will have to learn about 
compiling it under windows ...

Also Python 2.5 has been released - but thats not a problem - 2.4 is still 
available - and I didn't upgrade it ! 

Thought you guys should know



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