[PyKDE] kde language poll

John Layt johnlayt1 at yahoo.co.nz
Thu Oct 5 07:48:01 BST 2006

On Thursday 05 October 2006 09:48, Lee Braiden wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the KDE devs is running a poll about which language people would
> prefer to be "blessed" as the officially supported KDE scripting language.
> Currently, it's neck-and-neck between ruby and python, which makes no sense
> from all the statistics I've seen, so I figured that you guys haven't heard
> about it yet.
> I don't have any major objections to Ruby, but I prefer python, if only for
> the statement by ruby devs that that Ruby will require years more work to
> be unicode-compliant.
> So anyway... might want to vote, even if you're a ruby person hanging out
> at pykde ;)
> http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2426

There's quite a polite on-going discussion about this in a few places, and 
while I'm a Python person myself, I'm with Boudewain on this one 
(http://www.valdyas.org/fading/index.cgi/software/erno.html?seemore=y), the 
key point that should be made is that the so-called scripting languages are 
suitable for application developement and inclusion in KDE main modues in 
their own right and should not be seen as poor cousins in KDE.

Regardless of your opinion, just remember to keep it polite and reasoned, and 
that even if a choice is made that you don't agree with, I don't think PyKDE 
is going away any time soon :-)



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