[PyKDE] sip-4.4.5 problem

Neil Philip Hankey neil.hankey at planet.nl
Tue Oct 3 07:26:54 BST 2006

I'm trying to install PyQT (PyQt-x11-gpl-4.0.1) on a SUSE 10.1 box and
having problems with sip-4.4.5. After installing sip-4.4.5 by following
the configure->make->make install process the system still reports and
sip-4.2.1 is present and active and PyQT can not be installed because of
///Python session///
import sipconfig
>>> sipcfg = sipconfig.Configuration()
>>> sipcfg.sip_version_str

My guess is that sip-4.2.1 is needed by the system to fulfill the
dependence requirements of the KDE 3.5 desktop.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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