[PyKDE] Re: Plans for Python bindings in KDE 4

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sat Nov 25 11:30:19 GMT 2006

On Saturday 25 November 2006 00:30, Phil Thompson wrote:
> That makes no sense at all. You're saying that the situation that the 
> agreement covers is if Trolltech continues to develop the commercial version 
> but stops developing the GPL version. Which means that the position of 
> the "free" community doesn't significantly change, but the commercial 
> community now have the choice of continuing to pay license fees or taking a 
> chance with the free BSD fork.

The main scenario so to speak, is if Trolltech goes bankrupt or is bought out 
by a FOSS unfriendly company. But yes, that is what the agreements says.

> As I see it, the only group with any possible concern is the commercial
> users  
> who have the same issues with any proprietary package they use.

This also concerns KDE. If something happens to Qt, then the KDE project won't 
be able to promote the use of KDE as a platform for free software and 
*commercial* development. Yes, this is the same issue that comes with any 
proprietary package, but if disaster strikes Qt then it has rather dramatic 
consequences for KDE. This agreement is in place to project KDE's interests.

You can read the agreement for yourself. It is a fairly short and straight 
forward document:



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