[PyKDE] Eric3 first impressions.

Roy Dragseth Roy.Dragseth at cc.uit.no
Sat Jan 28 23:07:52 GMT 2006


I'm trying out eric3 as a tool for my python work.  I'm a long standing xemacs 
addict, but always open to new drugs...

My system setup is FC4 with the kde-redhat project as a supplier for my kde/qt 
stuff and they embed eric with their std. setup so installing eric was as 
easy as "yum -y install eric" and it worked out of the box.

My first impression is:  Wow, that's a lot of buttons!!!
Coming to Linux from the Unix side (HPUX, and before that VAX/VMS) I'm hardly 
touching the mouse when I'm coding, so the buttons are just a waste of 
screenspace .  Also, my travel companion is a laptop with a 1280x600 screen 
so I get less than 10 lines of coding space in the editor, it just looks 

So, first question:  How do I get rid of the buttons?  Doubleclicking the bars 
just detaches them from the eric window, dragging themback just made the mess 
worse.  Since my screen is much wider than tall, it would also be nice to put 
the button bars vertically, I can admit that some of the buttons might be 

Second question:  What are the API files for?  I mean, why do I want them?  I 
plan to code some kde app in python using eric and started to import the ones 
I found listed, but gave up after a few as I couldn't select more than one at 
a time in the gui.  Can someone point out to me why it is worth the trouble?

Also, the fonts looks much uglier than in the kde editors like kate.  Might 
just be a config question, but it would be nice if eric could pick up the 
font setup from kde.

Eric looks like a great tool, I'll be in touch...


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