[PyKDE] Installing eric3 on Ubuntu

leau2001 leau2001 at free.fr
Thu Jan 26 08:42:11 GMT 2006

Package needed with synaptic

— python2.4-qt3
— python2.4-qtext
— python2.4-sip4.qt3
— pyqt-tools
— python2.4-qt3-gl (to use l’OpenGL)

— qt3-designer
— qt3-assistant
— qt3-dev-tools
— qt3-doc
— qt3-examples
— qt3-linguist

For those who want to develop on ubuntu gnome, you need to install

— qt3-qtconfig

On synaptic, use eric package and not eric3 package

On gnome use console to start, on kubuntu programs are on the K menu


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