[PyKDE] kabc module bug

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Jan 26 08:36:43 GMT 2006

Since KDE 3.2.0, resourcefile.h has been omitted from the kdelibs source 
tarball, but is still available in kde3/include/kabc. Similarly, 
resourcedir.h has never been included with kdelibs. Consequently, PyKDE omits 
both files for most KDE versions. 

Both seem to include useful classes for working with kabc - the KAddressBook 
application uses at least one of those, for example, as late as KDE 3.4.0 and 
probably later. They're also in at least some of the API docs.

I'll be adding those into PyKDE, but the versioning may not be completely 
correct, as I don't have a full set of versions for each of those files, and 
there have been changes to the constructors and some methods have been 
dropped over time.

I'll have either the final release or another snapshot ready early next week 
and will include the classes from those files.


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