[PyKDE] Using UI files in your app with PyQt4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jan 25 09:53:08 GMT 2006

On 25.01.06 07:38:19, Torsten Marek wrote:
> Hi,
> I was a bit short yesterday, but it was already late. I meant
> @signature("int")
> on_upperspin_valueChanged(self, value):
>     ...
> and the decorator saves the signature as an attribute of the function, for use
> by connectSlotsByName.

Ah, I didn't know this, though I probably had already seen it here and
there. Is this capable of telling the type of more than 1 parameter? 

I think this is the best solution, from the ones you stated.

> > PS: Torsten I found at 2 bugs in current pyuic concerning custom wigets,
> > but I send out a separate mail on those
> Ok, looking forward to them:)

I have put it on the list, just in case you miss them in your full
private inbox ;-)


Future looks spotty.  You will spill soup in late evening.

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