[PyKDE] Installing PyQt4 on (k)ubuntu

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jan 24 16:40:40 GMT 2006

On 24.01.06 17:05:01, Fabio Spelta wrote:
> Since I cannot find documentation about PyQt4 (the "doc" folder in the
> latest PyQt snapshot is empty!)

I'm not the author of PyQt4, but from what I know and see, PyQt4 is
still more or less "for developrs" only and thus you should be able to
find the necessary information yourself by reading the source. PyQt4 has
not seen a release yet and only works on Windows since a few weeks. It's
in a beta state I think and thus documentation is not ready.

Now I don't know what documentation is available for PyQt3, but for
using PyQt4 you should only need the Qt4 docs and a closer look at the
already ported example. For the "tools" pyuic4, pyrcc and pylupdate4
calling them without parameters shows some help info, for anything else
you need to read the source.

> I'm wondering which parts of the "old" PyQt docs are still valid with
> PyQt4.  Thanks everybody

I don't know what doc's you mean, but I guess quite some of them are
outdated. At least to some extent. Especially code examples should be
treated with care and you should look at the examples dir of PyQt4.


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