[PyKDE] Converions between QString and str in PyQt4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jan 20 18:31:30 GMT 2006


I have an issue with conversion between QString and str. The problem I
have is as follows:

create a QtCore.QVariant("true") and calling it's toBool() function
returns false, regardless of what the string actually contains

Use an explicit QtCore.QString("true") constructor and everythings fine. 

Now I know that in python explicit is better than implicit and thus my
question is: Is conversion between QString and str supposed to work
implicitly or is it expected to be done explicitly always?

Currently I think both cases are mixed, if I'm not totally mistaken
conversion from QString to str is implicitly done, but the other way
it's not. I recall a discussion about this topic before Phil began to
work on PyQt4, but I'm not sure about the outcome of that...


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