[PyKDE] New PyKDE snapshot - help needed

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 21 16:45:42 GMT 2006

On Saturday 21 January 2006 05:24, Baz Walter wrote:
> On Thursday 19 Jan 2006 07:01, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> > I also need feedback on whether this snapshot builds on various systems -
> > I currently am only setup to test on SuSE so none of this has been tested
> > on Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu or Gentoo. I don't expect major problems.
> Just thought I'd add another data point. The new snapshot compiled
> successfully on Mandriva 2006 with the following setup:
> Python version is 2.4.2
> sip version is 4.3.2
> Qt version is 3.3.4
> PyQt version is 3.15.1
> gcc version 4.0.1
> KDE version is 3.4.2

Thanks - it always helps to know that configure.py is finding everything 

> I had one minor problem: the configure script complained about a missing
> file (kkeyserver.sip) which I cured by commenting out the %Include for it
> in kdecore-kde342.diff.

That's exactly the right thing to do - the corresponding h file contains 
nothing but a #include, so the .sip file doesn't exist. That's one of those 
bugs that won't die - I keep trying to stamp it out and it keeps coming back. 
I'll fix it again.

> All the talk about compiling in thirty minutes (or less) made me smile a
> bit. My cranky old 650 Athlon (384mb RAM) took a somewhat more leisurely
> 110 mins to get the job done...

A few years ago I had a 600 MHz Celeron machine around (inherited from someone 
else) and it took over 6 hours without concatenating the files. 

I use a couple of 800MHz/512MB boxes for most of the development. Their 
biggest problem (besides slow compilation) is that I have them split into a 
bunch of 4GB partitions for different KDE versions, and the partitions are 
getting too small.

I have another 800MHz file server and I'm still running a 300MHz mail server 
and another 300MHz machine in the stockroom that runs mostly OpenOffice (just 
put SuSE 10.0 on it). The two servers have been up 557 days, since the power 
was out for a day-and-a-half, and were up over a year before that. (As I 
finished typing the last sentence, this machine, which is a 1.6GHz Athlon, 
just spontaneously rebooted - flaky RAM, I think - but somehow I didn't lose 
this msg??)

> This is the first time I've compiled pykde. There was one other thing that
> slightly fazed me with the configuration. After creating pykdeconfig.py,
> the configure script exits to a python prompt instead of back to the shell
> - is this normal?

No - I've never seen that happen. I'll have to take a look at configure.py and 
see what might cause that, but I can't imagine what would.


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