[PyKDE] New PyKDE snapshot - help needed

Baz Walter bazwal at ftml.net
Sat Jan 21 13:24:08 GMT 2006

On Thursday 19 Jan 2006 07:01, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> I also need feedback on whether this snapshot builds on various systems - I
> currently am only setup to test on SuSE so none of this has been tested on
> Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu or Gentoo. I don't expect major problems.

Just thought I'd add another data point. The new snapshot compiled 
successfully on Mandriva 2006 with the following setup:

Python version is 2.4.2
sip version is 4.3.2
Qt version is 3.3.4
PyQt version is 3.15.1
gcc version 4.0.1
KDE version is 3.4.2

I had one minor problem: the configure script complained about a missing file 
(kkeyserver.sip) which I cured by commenting out the %Include for it in 

All the talk about compiling in thirty minutes (or less) made me smile a bit. 
My cranky old 650 Athlon (384mb RAM) took a somewhat more leisurely 110 mins 
to get the job done...

This is the first time I've compiled pykde. There was one other thing that 
slightly fazed me with the configuration. After creating pykdeconfig.py, the 
configure script exits to a python prompt instead of back to the shell - is 
this normal?

Baz Walter

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