[PyKDE] eric and PyQt4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jan 9 23:39:11 GMT 2006

On 09.01.06 23:36:08, andreas at roedl.ch wrote:
> >To use PyQt4 you must also have the latest SIP *and* PyQt3 snapshots 
> >installed.
> I have both installed, PyQt3 and PyQt4 and the latest SIP.
> I wonder if anybody managed to get eric3 running on a system with the latest SIP and PyQt4 installed. Eric3 doesn't work with PyQt4 or the latest SIP snapshot.

> I'm trying to install eric3 in such a way that I can do PyQt4 development with it since more than a week and it's beginning to drive me crazy.

I know you're going to kill me now, but I'm developing with eric3,
PyQt3 20051230, sip 10060107 and PyQt4 20060106 since at least one
week. Qt3.3 is installed via debian packages and QScintilla also.

Oh and I'm using a really clean self compiled Python 2.4 installed into
$HOME. My last try with Python 2.3.5 wasn't successfull, though that
doesn't mean much because python 2.4 wasn't working at that time either.

> As soon as I install PyQt3, PyQt4 is overwritten, right?

No, PyQt4 gets installed into
pythondir/lib/python-<version>/site-packages/PyQt4 whereas PyQt3 modules
are all put directly under site-packages.

> The same with SIP.

That's right a sip-snapshot always "overwrites" an older sip
installation. However the latest sip-snapshots work fine with PyQt3 and
PyQt4 at the same time.

> How can I install PyQt3 and PyQt4, an older version and the latest snapshot of SIP side-by-side?

You don't have to. PyQt3 works perfectly (now, there were some problems
a week ago or during the last week) with the latest sip snapshots.


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