AW: Re: [PyKDE] eric and PyQt4

andreas at andreas at
Mon Jan 9 22:36:08 GMT 2006


>To use PyQt4 you must also have the latest SIP *and* PyQt3 snapshots 

I have both installed, PyQt3 and PyQt4 and the latest SIP.

I wonder if anybody managed to get eric3 running on a system with the latest SIP and PyQt4 installed. Eric3 doesn't work with PyQt4 or the latest SIP snapshot.

I'm trying to install eric3 in such a way that I can do PyQt4 development with it since more than a week and it's beginning to drive me crazy.

As soon as I install PyQt3, PyQt4 is overwritten, right? The same with SIP. How can I install PyQt3 and PyQt4, an older version and the latest snapshot of SIP side-by-side?


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