[PyKDE] memleak with QMovie

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Tue Sep 20 19:06:05 BST 2005

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Hans-Peter Jansen schrieb:
> Am Montag, 19. September 2005 00:28 schrieb Russell Valentine:
>>Phil Thompson said the following on 09/18/05 17:13:
>>>On Sunday 18 September 2005 10:11 pm, Russell Valentine wrote:
>>>>So if it isn't doing it on your system, I wonder what is different
>>>>with mine that causes this. It does it on two of my systems Debian
>>>>and Gentoo. Alright then, if it was just me sorry to bother you, I
>>>>thought I was onto something. If I ever figure out the reason for
>>>>this I'll post it in case anyone was curious.
>>>No, I'm saying that I don't think your test is working for me. Is
>>>the movie supposed to be played - as it does with the Qt movie
>>No it isn't supposed to do anything (just a blank QMainWindow pops up
>>no QMovie in it or anything), it loads a QMovie object and doesn't do
>>anything with it. It seems the very fact of doing
>>"variable=QMovie(path_to_mng)" then causes there to be a memory leak
>>for me. I was attempting to make it as simple as possible so the
>>memleak.py doesn't do anything expect make a blank QMainWindow and
>>set a variable to a QMovie object.
> Something strange is going on on your side. 
> Cannot reproduce it here under SuSE 9.3 with Python 2.4, Qt 3.3.4, sip 
> 4.1.1 and PyQt 3.13.
> Let us know the versions of your distribution, Python, Qt, sip and PyQt 
> and who made them for a start..


I see some increased memory usage while running the program.

Qt 3.3.5
sip 4.3.1
PyQt 3.15

Compiler: g++ 4.0.2

All packages are as official as possible, given that I created the packages for
sip and PyQt.


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