[PyKDE] pykde segfaults

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson gudjon at mc2.chalmers.se
Mon Sep 5 20:14:28 BST 2005

Þann Mánudagur 5. september 2005 20:54 skrifaði Jim Bublitz:
> On Monday 05 September 2005 11:29, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
> > Hi
> >    I am using Debian unstable and kde 3.4.2. Pykde finishes with
> > segmentation fault when reaching the lines
> >        self.kDoubleNumInput1_4 =
> > KDoubleNumInput(self.groupBox4,"kDoubleNumInput1_4")
> > or if that is commented out then it stops (with segmentation fault) at
> > self.kComboBox2 = KComboBox(0,self.groupBox5,"kComboBox2")
> > I am using PyKDE-snapshot20050829.tar.gz. All example programs work and
> > both KComboBox and KDoubleNumInput are used there so I don't understand
> > why it crashes in my program.
> Could you please post an example program (short if possible) that exhibits
> this behavior. As you indicate, the classes involved seem to operate
> correctly in at least some circumstances, and I have no way of knowing
> under what circumstances PyKDE is failing.
> Jim
Here is a program that gives a segmentation fault on my computer (the line is 
marked in the code). There code does not make much sense but it works if two 
lines are commented out. The full program worked some weeks ago on debian but 
I don't remember what version that was.
   Do you want to get an strace output or some other information?

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