PyQt wiki (was: [PyKDE] pyQt codesharing forum?)

Simon Edwards simon at
Thu May 19 18:53:36 BST 2005


On Thursday 19 May 2005 08:49, Richard Smith wrote:
> I've been looking at a lot of stuff on  Lots of stuff
> there.  Does anyone think there would be any interest in either a
> seperate pyQtforum or perhaps trying to have a  pyQt forum on
> created?

There is already a wiki up and running:

The only problem I have with the wiki right now is that it is not organised 
very well. The front page should quickly say what PyQt and PyKDE are ("PyQt 
and PyKDE are language bindings for developing Python applications using the 
Qt library and KDE.") and then tell new people where to go for more 
information and code samples, tutorials etc, as well as links to extra info 
like FAQ, licensing etc etc.

I would like to update the python bindings page on with the 
status of the copy in KDE's SVN repository, and then direct people to the 
wiki for further information about programming with PyQt/PyKDE.


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