[PyKDE] Eric3 Usability Questions / Feedback

Stephen Schaub stephen_schaub_88 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 15 15:05:27 GMT 2005

I'm an occasional eric3 user and have some usage questions and observations 
about the current version.

Platform: Fedora Core 2
Eric3 v. 3.6.2

1. I create a new project and want to add a .ui form. What's the easiest way 
to do this?

Currently, I launch Qt Designer, design and save the form, then back in 
eric, choose Project > Add File.

I did notice that, once I have a form added to the project, I can 
right-click in the Forms tab of the Project Browser and choose New Form. But 
right-clicking in the Forms tab in a newly created project when there are no 
forms does not present a context menu.

It might be nice to have a "New Form" option on the File menu, that gives 
new users an obvious way to get started creating a new form.

2. What's the easiest way to create a new Python script and add it to the 
current project?

Currently, I choose File > New, type in and save the script, then choose 
Project > Add File to add it to the project.

It would be nice if the save dialog could have a checkbox "Add to Project", 
which would be checked by default. That would eliminate the Project > Add 
File step.

3. Is there any way to remove some of the toolbars? I can undock them, but 
can't seem to get rid of them.

For a new / occasional user (like me), the eric3 toolbars seem overwhelming. 
All those icons! I don't have any objections to toolbars, but I would love 
to see the IDE start with a minimal toolbar set, and careful thought given 
to the initial toolbars that would improve the initial user experience.

4. Suggestion: When I choose "Generate Subclass" for a form, in the dialog 
that pops up, I would love to see an "Add to Project" checkbox, checked by 
default. The generated subclass would be saved in a .py file with the name 
of the class.

Thanks, Detlev, for your hard work on this very useful IDE. I love 
introducing my students to GUI programming with Python using this tool.


Stephen Schaub

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