[PyKDE] FreeBSD and latest snapshot, so far so good.

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Tue Mar 15 00:31:57 GMT 2005

Thanks Jim and Phil and all the others who help this package to get released 
and maintained. I always try to remember to say this but sometimes forget: 
Thanks for the software!

Latest snapshot 0307 builds fine on FreeBSD5 and I think now that the KIconDir 
stuff is gone it will also work on FreeBSD4. I'd want this to go through the 
FreeBSD test building system as I'm (still -- long story) not in a position 
to have a spare box or disk drive to install FreeBSD4 (gcc-2.95), and in 10 
days we'll have ports freeze in preparation for FreeBSD-5.4-RELEASE, so I'm 
afraid that yes I can deliver a working up-to-date py-kde package but no it 
won't be the final version yet. Having it tested for FreeBSD4 will probably 
be a day or less. If all fails I could even mark it broken for 4.X, we're 
dealing with a sole 5.X release right now anyway.

So I have two questions:

(1) Could you please not straight-away delete the former snapshot when a new 
one occurs (while packages go onto mirrors it's considered an error if we 
can't fetch tarball from the principal source), but rather keep them around 
for a certain timeout amount of days? This might prevent viewable breakage. 
It's not much of a problem to depend on a snapshot but it's nice if it's 
still available :)

(2) When is release due? Yes, the most bold and unsympathatic question :) I 
mean if it's sceduled well before the 25th I rather wait and submit the port 
for the realease tarball. But it looks like that's not going to happen. True?

Now of course I want a bonus question about minor fixable things, 

(3) Jim, the qxembed template/example, what didn't work here (gcc-3.4 
kde-3.3.2 py-2.4) is that the app never gets embedded into a tab it just 
launches stand alone and that's it. (not urgent at all, just wanted to 

Thanks, and best regards,


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