[PyKDE] Eric 3.7 & latest snapshoots

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Sun Jun 19 08:33:35 BST 2005

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Jim Bublitz schrieb:
> On Saturday 18 June 2005 16:54, Antoni Aloy wrote:
>>I have installed the lastest Qscintilla, PyQT and SIP snapshoot on my
>> brand new G5, using Fedora Core 4.
>>The eric instaler complains saying I must have a more recent version of
>>QScintilla :O
>>On the other hand I can run Eric without isnstall it, but I get error on
>>openning a docuement. The erro is at line 2013 in the ViewManager module.
>> I have hacked the module to remove the none parameters and now it works,
>> but I have the same problem with other modules.
>>Perhaps the problem is pyKDE related as Fedora uses KDE 3.4. I have tried
>> to build the pyKDE package myself but for the latest snapshoot I get an
>> error compiling kdecore.
>>Any ideas?
> I just did a new install of the latest sip QScintilla and PyQt snapshots - the 
> most recent PyKDE won't compile against sip 4.2 (mostly some dtors not 
> declared private, although I did find one bug). I'm about half way through 
> updating PyKDE, so I hope to put up a new snapshot soon. The most recent 
> snapshot should be compatible with KDE 3.4.0, but won't work with gcc>3.3.
> I'm also updating PyKDE to KDE 3.4.1 (shouldn't be a big deal) and will 
> probably try to pick up the gcc changes as well (don't have a version > 3.3 
> installed, so will need testers). There are other fixes needed that I'll get 
> to in this iteration I hope.
> I'm not sure how eric3 detects PyKDE, or if there's a switch to force it to 
> ignore it.
Yes, there is. Just start it with
$ e3nokde=1 eric3

Changing this into a command line option could be a wishlist item for 3.8.



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