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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Mon Apr 4 21:50:54 BST 2005

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Hello all,

as it seems, I'm very bad at names. Now's the third time I writing about this to
the list, and I have come up with the third name. BEHOLD:

PyQtUI 0.2 is on my server (http://diotavelli.net/files/PyQtUI-0.2.tar.gz).

This release has not only the dynamic UI creator, but also a code output (sth.
like a pypyuic).

There are, as you may have guessed, still a lot of ruff edges, but I included
the test suite so that you can try it out yourselves.

It's either
$ uidisplay <file>.ui
to dynamically create a user interface
$ uicompile <file>.ui
to convert it into Python code.

No other command line options, and it's still not mature enought to reasonably
talk about the dynamic subclassing.

Right now, I need to finish the translator function support + languageChange for
the code output (tr functions are not supported for the dynamic version yet).

Please remember: You need at least ElementTree (from effbot.org) to work with
this code!

The parser is more or less the same for both (code and dynamic) creation, but
the code parser works with dummy classes whose functions print out code when
called (look at codedummies.py and its output). Thus, uicompile.py is (read:
should be), for what it's worth, completely independent from Qt.

NYI: - extract code from ui.h files (will be the veryveryvery last thing done)
     - KDE widgets (but I just need a list of them)
     - QIconView (?)
     - Qt database widgets

This code might not work for version of Qt < 3.3, but it's aimed at Qt4 anyway -
let's just hope that they don't change the format of the UI files too much.


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