[PyKDE] eric3 project subversion commits

Eric van Riet Paap eric at vanrietpaap.nl
Sat Apr 2 22:48:32 BST 2005

goodday all,

When I run a project in eric3 all files are saved to disk, but when I
commit my project they are not.
This has bitten me a couple of times, especially the project file itself
I seem to forget to save.

Can we please have a checkbox in the prefernce->projects menu like: [x]
Save all file prior to commit
I think saving the file should be default.

Oh... my personal opinion about the toolbar in eric3. I don't like it
one bit.
By default there are far to many icons showing there. Me first
impression was:
wow, these people couldn't make up there minds about what is really
important to the user.
I think it would be better to just have a few often used ones there,
increasing the size to something like to icons in Thunderbird or
Firefox. (just my two cents)

Please keep up the great work!

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