[PyKDE] Can you use a QTimer in a non-gui thread?

Solly Brown sollyb at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Oct 30 08:37:19 BST 2004

Can you create and use a QTimer in a non-gui thread?

The Trolltech documentation (at one point) seems to suggest that you 

"Any operations that generate events must not be called by any thread 
other than the GUI thread. Examples of such operations are: creating a 
QWidget, QTimer,..."

Is that right?

I'm running a QTimer in my non-gui thread, which allows me to control the 
speed at which I'm processing my simulation data. Every timer click I do a 
bit more processing and then use a postEvent() to send the data across to 
the gui thread.

Am I wrong to do this? It seems to work fine on my machine, but I don't 
want it to break mysteriously in the future...!

Yours confusedly, Solly


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