[PyKDE] more complex rich text / HTML

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 09:24:45 BST 2004

> I'm writing an app and want one of the widgets to look
> like a HTML display, with support for buttons, check
> boxes, different fonts, and hyperlinks.
> Qt's rich text browser isn't powerful enough.  It doesn't
> let me put controls in its qt rich text language nor
> even let me change the background color of parts of text.
> I played around with the idea of implementing a flow-based
> layout system myself and have something of a hack working,
> enough to figure out that the rest will take me at least
> another week.
> And probably another couple weeks or more if I want it to
> support font scaling, text selection, bidirectional text,
> stylesheets ... okay, more like a month or more.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> My crazy thought is to embed a native HTML widget for
> the different platforms, so that I use IE to display
> under MS Windows, Safari for Mac, and Konqueror for Linux.
> (That's all I need to support.)
> While the last is definitely possible, I can't find
> an example of embedding IE nor even a hint that this
> might be possible on Mac OS X.

Current PyQt and SIP 4 snapshots include a port of the Qt webbrowser
example which embeds IE as an ActiveX control. I don't know what you'd do
for MacOS though.


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