[PyKDE] The tablet event, it works not!

Gilbert Ramirez gram at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Oct 14 14:54:20 BST 2004

On Thursday 14 October 2004 07:51, Sundance wrote:
> Thanks.
> I'm beginning to suspect a Qt bug. I ported my example to C++, and it
> doesn't work either. I re-re-rechecked my Qt compilation log and tablet
> support is definitely turned on.
> Could it be that Qt didn't compile tablet support even though the
> configure script claims it did? If so, how can I check?

I once tried to get PyQT and a Wacom tablet working together, and failed, I 
didn't work on it much, but I did find this code in 
src/kernel/qapplication_x11.cpp of the qt-x11 source code:

#if defined (QT_TABLET_SUPPORT)


#if !defined(Q_OS_IRIX)
    // XFree86 divides a stylus and eraser into 2 devices, so we must do for 
    const QString XFREENAMESTYLUS = "stylus";
    const QString XFREENAMEPEN = "pen";
    const QString XFREENAMEERASER = "eraser";

It's as if your xinput devices must be named "stylus", "pen", and "eraser".

However, when I changed the name of my xinput devices in my XF86Config-4 file, 
it still didn't help.


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