[PyKDE] PyQT install fails

Ken Godee ken at perfect-image.com
Sun Nov 28 23:07:59 GMT 2004

Rick Graves wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to install eric3 on a CentOS-3 system. 
> CentOS-3 is like RedHat's RHEL 3.  I cannot install it
> because the PyQt install fails. 
> I did a fresh CentOS-3 "developement" install to
> start.

Or.... If you want to give it a try....(and are bold with
good download speed)

add this listing to your YUM conf file and do a "check-update"


This YUM repository is for RHEL3 and contains everything (including 
kitchen sink)

kdebase3.3, qt3.3, etc...
sip, PyQt, PyKDE, PyQt-qscintilla, eric, etc.

I'm running CentOS-3.3 too and just eye balled this
YUM repository the other day.

Doing this would throw off your yum updates from CentOS
but you would have everything you want.

Hey, let me know how it goes.


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