[PyKDE] python profiler with pyqt

Solly Brown sollyb at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Nov 18 08:49:57 GMT 2004

Has anyone tried using the python profiler to profile a pyQt-based app?

When I run it on my application it ignores all the qt function calls, and 
only profiles methods which I have defined myself.

For example, if I call bitBlt 100 times from one of my methods ('update', 
say), then the profiler assigns all the time to the 'update' function and 
does not recognise that I'm spending a lot of time in bitBlt (and the same 
goes for any other qt function call).

Some of my methods are taking too long, but the profiler doesn't seem to 
recognise/ analyse the qt component. Any idea why?

Thanks for your help....... Solly

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