[PyKDE] SIP Version problem

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 10:23:01 GMT 2004

> Hi,
> 2 years ago, some students developed a small application in my university
> using Python 2.1, Qt 2.3.1, PyQt 3.3.2 and SIP 3.3.2. No-one has touched
> it
> since then. Now I want to try to port it to Qt non-commercial, Python2.3,
> SIP4.1 and then finish/improve it. All of this is on Windows
> platform(Windows
> XP right now).
> There is a widget written using QWidget in C++ for which SIP/PyQt are
> needed.
> I have been trying to understand how the application can be upgraded to
> use
> SIP 4.1 but couldn't find any documentation that explains what happened to
> libsip.dll.
> The old version of the application refers to this dll and SIP 4.1 doesnot
> create such a file.
> I used the configure.py given in SIP4.1 documentation for the complex C++
> example. And it goes through fine (creates a buildfile, generates code C++
> code for Qt) until the part where
> -----
> # Add the library we are wrapping.  The name doesn't include any platform
> # specific prefixes or extensions (e.g. the "lib" prefix on UNIX, or the
> # ".dll" extension on Windows).
> makefile.extra_libs = ["dt"]
> # Generate the Makefile itself.
> makefile.generate()
> ---------
> Here it fails on generate and says that the module "dt.lib" was not found.
> ("dt" is the module/widget in question)
> Am I missing something? Or is there a need for more information on my
> part?

libsip.dll is SIP v3.x only. The SIP v4.x equivalent is sip.pyd. However
you should use the current SIP v3 version - the next version of SIP v4
will not support Qt v2.x (on which the non-commercial version of Qt is


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