[PyKDE] SIP Version problem

asp27 at njit.edu asp27 at njit.edu
Mon Nov 15 22:01:46 GMT 2004


2 years ago, some students developed a small application in my university 
using Python 2.1, Qt 2.3.1, PyQt 3.3.2 and SIP 3.3.2. No-one has touched it 
since then. Now I want to try to port it to Qt non-commercial, Python2.3, 
SIP4.1 and then finish/improve it. All of this is on Windows platform(Windows 
XP right now).

There is a widget written using QWidget in C++ for which SIP/PyQt are needed. 

I have been trying to understand how the application can be upgraded to use 
SIP 4.1 but couldn't find any documentation that explains what happened to 

The old version of the application refers to this dll and SIP 4.1 doesnot 
create such a file. 

I used the configure.py given in SIP4.1 documentation for the complex C++ 
example. And it goes through fine (creates a buildfile, generates code C++ 
code for Qt) until the part where
# Add the library we are wrapping.  The name doesn't include any platform
# specific prefixes or extensions (e.g. the "lib" prefix on UNIX, or the
# ".dll" extension on Windows).
makefile.extra_libs = ["dt"]

# Generate the Makefile itself.

Here it fails on generate and says that the module "dt.lib" was not found. 
("dt" is the module/widget in question)

Am I missing something? Or is there a need for more information on my part?

I would really appreciate any kind of help. 

Thank you very much.


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