[PyKDE] Crash in Windows during a long run

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Nov 16 09:16:48 GMT 2004

As I understand it, Python and any extention modules must be built with
the same compiler. You cannot reliably mix MSVC 6 and 7.

As a quick test you could use Python 2.4b2 - you will need to re-build SIP
and PyQt against it. Python 2.3 is built with MSVC 6. Python 2.4 is built
with MSVC 7/NET.


> Hi, our PyQt application crashed over the weekend during a long run. I
> dropped into the Visual Studio debugger and took a screen shot of the call
> stack. It seems to happen in msvcr71.dll!memset() after it was called from
> sip.pyd (see attached screen shot).
> Unfortunately, Qt, PyQt and SIP were compiled in non-debug mode so no
> source code information is available.
> Do you have any recommendations as to how we can track this problem? I am
> not very experienced in debugging C++ code so some guidance will help a
> lot.
> We are running with Python 2.3.4, Qt 3.3.3, PyQt 3.13 and SIP 4.1 under
> Windows XP SP1. Everything was compiled under VS .Net 2003 except Python.
> As far as I can tell the application doesn't do much GUI processing while
> running except painting itself and updating a status panel (a QListView)
> which contains some statistics that gets updated every second.
> The memory utilization was close to the physical memory limit (around
> 900MB) but well below the virtual memory limit (2.5GB).
> Thanks
> -Selim
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