[PyKDE] Crash in Windows during a long run

Tuvi, Selim stuvi at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 15 19:34:45 GMT 2004

Hi, our PyQt application crashed over the weekend during a long run. I dropped into the Visual Studio debugger and took a screen shot of the call stack. It seems to happen in msvcr71.dll!memset() after it was called from sip.pyd (see attached screen shot).

Unfortunately, Qt, PyQt and SIP were compiled in non-debug mode so no source code information is available.

Do you have any recommendations as to how we can track this problem? I am not very experienced in debugging C++ code so some guidance will help a lot.

We are running with Python 2.3.4, Qt 3.3.3, PyQt 3.13 and SIP 4.1 under Windows XP SP1. Everything was compiled under VS .Net 2003 except Python.

As far as I can tell the application doesn't do much GUI processing while running except painting itself and updating a status panel (a QListView) which contains some statistics that gets updated every second.

The memory utilization was close to the physical memory limit (around 900MB) but well below the virtual memory limit (2.5GB).


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GLAST, I&T Online, MS 98
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