[PyKDE] QCanvas items: self created ClassItem appears as QCanvasPolygon or similar

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Sun May 30 16:15:00 BST 2004

On Sunday 30 May 2004 2:22 pm, Karl wrote:
> Hi!
> Tnx for the fast answers at first.
> >That kind problem appeared in very early snapshots of sip4 (pre-rc2 or so,
> >I think, maybe you just have to update your versions of sip & PyQt?
> >
>  >Can you put together a small, but complete, script that demonstrates the
>  >problem.
>  >What versions of SIP, PyQt and Qt are you using?
> Hmmm. How do I find out, which version of sip I have? I located the files
> sip.dll and libsip.dll in python/lib/site-packages. I use Qt 3.3.1 and PyQt
> 3.12 (now, I had 3.11 installed before).
> They are from 2002. I installed PyQT 3.12 now, but the behaviour did not
> change, but a new file sip.pyd was installed (which has the same size as my
> old sip.dll). When I rename the sip.dll, the programm still works, but the
> error is still the same.
> Is there a location where to get sip for Windows as binary (the sourceforge
> address is for linux binaries only as far as I could see)? I don't have a
> C++ Compiler installed.

The above is contradictory. If you are using Qt 3.3.1 and were using PyQt 3.11 
then you must be using the educational or commercial versions. If you were 
using the commercial version then you would have a C++ compiler. If not, then 
you already have the SIP binary installed. PyQt v3.11 is not from 2002. Why 
did you rename sip.pyd? Did you uninstall the previous version first?

> I don't think, I can create a little working example. I can upload the full
> source somewhere (we are planning to make it open source anyway, but to do
> this, I think we should have a rudimentarily working program first), but
> the program has become quite complex (I still try getting into it again,
> even when a friend and myself wrote it almost alone), so I don't think I
> can shrink it this much and still have a working program.

You need to make it easy for people to reproduce the problem, otherwise we 
can't help.


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