[PyKDE] QCanvas items: self created ClassItem appears as QCanvasPolygon or similar

Karl myonlyb at vollbio.de
Sun May 30 15:25:01 BST 2004


Tnx for the fast answers at first.

>That kind problem appeared in very early snapshots of sip4 (pre-rc2 or so, 
>I think, maybe you just have to update your versions of sip & PyQt?
 >Can you put together a small, but complete, script that demonstrates the
 >What versions of SIP, PyQt and Qt are you using?

Hmmm. How do I find out, which version of sip I have? I located the files 
sip.dll and libsip.dll in python/lib/site-packages. I use Qt 3.3.1 and PyQt 
3.12 (now, I had 3.11 installed before).
They are from 2002. I installed PyQT 3.12 now, but the behaviour did not 
change, but a new file sip.pyd was installed (which has the same size as my 
old sip.dll). When I rename the sip.dll, the programm still works, but the 
error is still the same.
Is there a location where to get sip for Windows as binary (the sourceforge 
address is for linux binaries only as far as I could see)? I don't have a 
C++ Compiler installed.

I don't think, I can create a little working example. I can upload the full 
source somewhere (we are planning to make it open source anyway, but to do 
this, I think we should have a rudimentarily working program first), but 
the program has become quite complex (I still try getting into it again, 
even when a friend and myself wrote it almost alone), so I don't think I 
can shrink it this much and still have a working program.


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