[PyKDE] which sql QT or Python

Ken Godee ken at perfect-image.com
Fri May 28 17:55:01 BST 2004

John Fabiani wrote:
> Hi,
> Newbie question.  I just read an article on the use of QT SQL commands.  
> Are the SQL commands part of the PyQt package and if they are which is 
> better Python.  or QT SQL commands?
> John

"Which is better" don't really have that answer but
a few things to think about....

I've used both and had no problems with either, decided on using a 
python database adapter "psycopg" for a couple of reasons.

1. What ultimate uses will you have for python/db access?
I've written a bunch of python scripts for db maintenance/routines
that are cross platform and don't involve QT/PyQt.

2. License requirments for QT would require Enterprise edition
to include db module vs professional edition no db module
$3740 vs $2490 (win/linux) If I'm wrong someone tell me.
Of coarse if you lic. thru Blackadder $399.99, which I thought included
the professional version of QT/PyQt, but also states it includes
modules from the enterprise edition, Canvas,table,database,qsocket.
Lic. issues have always been very confusing, but by using a python
db adapter you might save save money down the road.

3. If you ever switch gui front ends, doubt it but.....

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