[PyKDE] eric3 - stability problem

Dave S eric3 at pusspaws.net
Fri May 28 13:48:00 BST 2004

Hello again,

The more I play with eric3 the more I like it, Im currently running 
v3.4.2 on Gentoo 1.4. but have some stability problems.

I regularly get eric3 locking out, and have to xkill it. This happens 
every 1-2 hours of use, sometimes when I enter debug,
sometimes when I run cut & paste ... This also happened when I was using 
the Gentoo 'tested' v3.1 version.

Is this normal ... I realise that eric3 is sophisticated software but I 
would value other peoples experiences. I am unsure if this
is a Python problem (eric3 relies on the systems Python?)  a consequence 
of eric3s  sophistication or someting in my Gentoo
setup. Apart from similar problems with IDLE the rest of my system seems 
rock solid.

Any advice much appreciated.


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