[PyKDE] dcop

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed May 26 21:42:06 BST 2004

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 06:47, Amand Tihon wrote:

> Ah. Then I understand why I've got problem with this :)
> Here's what I'm doing:
> - Subclass DCOPObject
> - Redefine interfaces() and functions(). Making them return a (python) list
> of (python) string instead of a QCStringList works out of the box.
> - Redefine process(). It's this one that's painful because I have to do the
> [de]marshalling of data and replyData by hand.

> Are there any functions that could help me doing this, in current version ?

I haven't looked at the DCOPObject stuff very much, but it shouldn't be too 
much of a problem (famous last words). Marshalling/demarshalling is the hard 
part - very ugly in Python, very easy in C++.

You can use Python strings as QByteArrays, but much beyond a single int or a 
real char string that's pretty difficult.


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