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Amand Tihon amand at alrj.org
Wed May 26 15:48:01 BST 2004

Le mercredi 26 Mai 2004 06:54, Jim Bublitz a écrit :
> On Tuesday 25 May 2004 20:22, Amand Tihon wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've been playing with pyKDE and DCOP these last few days, and I must say
> > it is not really easy. The main problem being I haven't been able to find
> > any documentation (as soon as I have something working, I'll put it on
> > the wiki).

> It always cheers me up when someone asks about something I'm in the middle
> of. I basically got a PyKDE-adapted version of pydcop (from kde-bindings -
> written by Torben Weis and Julian Rockey) working this afternoon. Here's
> the basic code to call a DCOP method and get the result back:

That's pretty neat. I must admit I've only used kdcop for my tests, so far.

> The other things I haven't looked at yet at all are DCOP enabling apps you
> write using PyKDE or handling DCOP signals, but there's code I can steal
> for that too.

Ah. Then I understand why I've got problem with this :)

Here's what I'm doing:
- Subclass DCOPObject
- Redefine interfaces() and functions(). Making them return a (python) list of 
(python) string instead of a QCStringList works out of the box.
- Redefine process(). It's this one that's painful because I have to do the 
[de]marshalling of data and replyData by hand. 

Are there any functions that could help me doing this, in current version ?

Thanks for your help,
Amand Tihon
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