[PyKDE] QTextBrowser: no mimesource for

Doug Bell dougb at bellz.org
Tue Mar 30 13:32:00 BST 2004

Martin.Zohlhuber at tttech.com wrote:
> Hello 
> I want show html file (from internet and local filesystem) in my PyQT 
> application. 
> QTextBrowser-Widget  should do it. 
>  When i load (setSource) a html i get always:
> "QTextBrowser: no mimesource for x.html"
> and a blank Textbrowser. 

Your example code works fine for me, as long as the file "x.html"
exists in the current directory.  If the file doesn't exist, then I get
a "QTextBrowser: no mimesource for x.html" message.


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