[PyKDE] QTextBrowser: no mimesource for

Martin.Zohlhuber at tttech.com Martin.Zohlhuber at tttech.com
Tue Mar 30 10:41:04 BST 2004


I want show html file (from internet and local filesystem) in my PyQT 
QTextBrowser-Widget  should do it. 

 When i load (setSource) a html i get always:
"QTextBrowser: no mimesource for x.html"
and a blank Textbrowser. 

I test a few things (set my own mimefactory.....) but i get always the 
same result. I search within internet and found 6 similar postings on 
different mailinglist/newsgroup, but no answer or working codeexample. 
What's wrong ? 

Please help me. 
Please post a working code example if possible. 

Thanks for every suggestion !

PS: Work on Win2k with current Qt-Evaluation-version and 

My test-code equal to official "Simple HTML Help Browser" C++ Example:

import qt
import sys 
app = qt.QApplication (sys.argv)
main = qt.QMainWindow ()
filename = qt.QDir( qt.QString("./x.html") ).absPath()
browser = qt.QTextBrowser (main)
# browser->setFrameStyle( QFrame::Panel | QFrame::Sunken );
browser.setSource( filename)
main.setCentralWidget (browser)
app.setMainWidget (main)
main.show ()
app.exec_loop ()

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