[PyKDE] Eric 3.3 : Keyboard handling under Windows XP

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart at smart-knowhow.de
Mon Mar 1 20:55:01 GMT 2004


I use Eric 3.3 under Windows XP (PyQt 3.10; Qt 3.2.3). 

I have trouble using the [], {} and \ keys (as well as other special keys) in the
editor window of eric.

In the Python shell the keyboards works fine.

I tried to circumvent the problem with macros, but it is not possible to
connect makros to specific keys.

The problem had also existed under previous PyQt/Qt versions.

There are sometimes also problems with the display of error messages 
(raised exceptions in C-Source) or yes/no dialog boxes. The message is
displayed without windows frame, and you can not click on the message
button. You have to kill Eric from the Windows task manager.

Any suggestions?


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