[PyKDE] Fire Season is Here

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Jun 30 05:28:01 BST 2004

Right now there's a fire about 4 to 5 miles (6 to 8 km) NW of us moving in our 
direction. Last reported size was 300 acres (120 hectares), but that was a 
while ago. Fires here usually top out in the 40,000 to 80,000 acre range.

It's currently burning its way up the back side (from us) of Slide Ridge. If 
it keeps going in that direction, we'll probably end up evacuating. At the 
very least I'll be doing stuff like cutting brush, backing up data (including 
PyKDE) offsite, packing and other fire-related entertainment.

I'll probably have time to keep up with the list (perhaps more slow to respond 
though), but if I disappear for a few days, you'll know why.

For those who want to play along at home, you can check out 
http://www.golakechelan.com. I live about 2.5 miles up the First Creek 
drainage, SE of Slide Ridge, E of Stormy Mountain, NE of Baldy Mountain.


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