[PyKDE] Problem with PyQT QTextEdit and Zaurus

Alex G. pykde at euronode.com
Thu Jan 1 23:33:00 GMT 2004

Hi all and happy new year !

I've just finish a program with qt-designer + pyqt + python, it's works fine on my computer (debian sid unstable, python 2.3.3, pyqt 3.8, qt3-designer 3.2.1).

I've uploaded it on my zaurus running openZaurus 3.2 with python 2.3.3, pyqt 3.9 (python2.3.3-1.0_artm.ipk and pyqt3.9-1.0_arm.ipk from river-bank)

When i launch my program on the zaurus, i've the following error : NameError: global name "QTextEdit' is not defined

I've replaced the QTextEdit by a QLabel, this problem is solved, but and i've another error : AttributeError: WState_Polished

I've comment the faultly line, and the program start now (nice !).

So I've two questions :

- what is the problem with QTextEdit ? how i can use it ? (replacing with a QLabel is not the solution, just a test)

- how i can tell qt-designer to use a fixed size for the window ? my program is too large for the zaurus and i must re-adjust some components ...

Many thanks for your help !


(sorry for my poor english, french is my first language :-)

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