[PyKDE] Are the sip binaries (Linux) on sourceforge?

hcohen2 hcohen2 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 17 22:58:00 GMT 2004

Sorry but I am having touble creating sip from source.  I am attempting 
to use sip-3.10, since my copy of python is 2.2.2.

While using 'python configure.py' seems to generate a fairly good 
sipcongig.py file that contridicts many of the errors I see during the 
make - they are nearly reproduced during the make install phase.

I tried to even back off to using the build.py, but this stops 
immediately due to not finding the python.h file where it was expected.  
Nonetheless a complete search on /usr confirms its absence from this 

Now back to the binaries, I read they should be there, but I am only 
seeing those that may be appropriate for Windows.  Most of the hits are 
completely wrong.

Anyone either know where it might reside on sourceforge or if, indeed, 
it does not exist for UNIX/Linux?


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